Vivid Hire provides mobile LED advertising sign trailers with flexible rental options to suit the needs of small businesses as well as large scale commercial applications.

At Vivid Hire, we do our best to ensure renting is simple and effective for all customers.

Vibrant and attractive advertising through the use of digital media is becoming the preferred choice for cost-effective, high-impact advertising.

The utilisation of our full colour mobile LED signs provide businesses with greater opportunities for increasing viewer impact, as the signs are up to 6 times more effective than traditional billboards, and are capable of displaying high resolution full colour images, text and even high definition videos.

The signs allow a wide range of viewing angles and heights for the screens, which are 2400mm wide by 1600mm high, and are designed with the latest LED DIP technology to ensure true quality colour and brightness.

Our team are able to produce screen content for your business from scratch based on your business information, modify any existing advertising content effectively for the screens, or you can produce the content yourself.

Our full colour mobile LED signs are one of the most cost-effective forms of high visibility advertising available. We can provide you with a complete mobile electronic LED sign solution that will work for your business in terms of value and impact!


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